In memory of Alice Elizabeth "Liz" Ervin aka amidala_thrace 
Padme TPM beautiful
This tribute of art was posted on the Obidala Fan Forum the other day.

I made this for Liz awhile back. Poem and all. Though sometimes, I think the poem is kind of childish, I was trying to say that Liz always had an angel watching over her, and now she is among the angels. 

Anyway, I thought I'd share this wallpaper I made in memory of Liz on LJ, especially for those who aren't much of an Obidala fan.

If you knew Liz, you knew she was quite the Obidala enthusiast, and Star Wars fan.

I love Liz's quote that is posted on the forum in our header, completed by my good friend, noobianrose .

"Obidala is life. The rest is just details."

I still miss her.  RIP in peace our Liz Kenobi!

Alice Eizabeth "Liz" Ervin
Born: December 12, 1985
Passed Away:  March 20, 2011

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Obidala Valentine On-Line Convention
Obidala kiss GIFT
Once again, we our celebrating our love for our OTP.  Obidala!

I have had  a wonderful time this morning, checking out new vids, fics and art work. 

If you'd like, come on over and check it out too. 

Here's the link:

Everyone has done a awesome job, putting it all together. 

The celebration lasts today and tomorrow. 

Hope to see you there...

On a lighter note:  I've stuffed a subway sandwich down my face...  and my house is a mess. Now, I must go off to work.  Oh joy!!

I'd rather stay in "Starwarsland" for the rest of my life.  LOL

George Lucas and Jon Stewart
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A little information for everyone.

Oh and you need to see the vid that is linked below. LOL

Jon Stewart is one of my favorites.. :D

( -- "Star Wars" junkie Jon Stewart will be spending some quality time with franchise creator George Lucas this August, has learned exclusively.

"The Daily Show" host will interview Lucas live in a one-hour conversation at "Star Wars" Celebration V, an annual fan convention, in Orlando, Florida, Aug. 12-15. In their conversation, dubbed The Main Event, Stewart and Lucas will discuss the history of the "Star Wars" saga and delve into the arcana of the multi-billion-dollar series.

Stewart is a huge "Star Wars" fan -- Lucas appeared on Stewart's show back in January when the filmmaker was promoting his book, "George Lucas's Blockbusting," and the two had great banter with each other -- but fans who may be worried that Stewart won't ask their hottest burning questions can submit their own at

Also on tap for the convention this year is "Star Wars" icon Carrie Fisher (Princess Leia) plus the actors who played C-3PO, Bobo Fett, Chewbacca and others. The official Lucasfilm-hosted event will also feature "Star Wars" Laser Tag, a "Star Wars" Celebration Chapel and sneak peaks into "Star Wars: The Clone Wars."

And of course, a fan convention would not be complete without a costume contest. "Star Wars" Celebration will feature four pageants for fans to model their intergalactic finery. And for those who can't wait to see Lucas and Stewart, here's a reminder of their chemistry together earlier this year.

See full article at

Oh I want to go so badly!!! ;D ;D ;D

Happy Birthday to the very talented nicole9514 
Obidala kiss GIFT

I hope you have the best birthday yet! :)


Obidala Fan Forum Anniversary
Obidala Wet and Wild

As my good friend Noobianrose quoted (and she did the beautiful banner, too):

"Well Obidala fans, the time has come. The Obidala Fan Form has been safely shipping our favorite pairing for five years. And in honor of that milestone, the Forum is having a party!

Join us this weekend for new vids, stories, art, games, and discussions all weekend long!!

And if you aren't a member yet, this might be the perfect time. Come by and see us! :)"

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Amazing Choir Technology
jedi cat
While I've been organizing my bedroom, cleaning out closets, etc., (more news on that later) ;)... I overheard the news on CNN comment about this amazing vid.

I managed a break from the huge mess I created, and checked out this vid. Now, I would like to share it with you.

Enjoy :)

Dark Obi? Oh no, say it's not so....
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This is a pretty cool vid. It was recommended at the Obidala Fan Forum by briseis_kenobi .

Even though I'm not a fan of Dark Obi-Wan, and really I'm NOT (unless of course, he's having hot sex or on those lines somewhere... LOL anyway... back to the subject... maybe).

I watched this vid, and wish it could be longer... very cool vid.

And Anakin is the good Jedi?

It's different and unique. :)

Enjoy, it's only a couple of minutes long.

Obidala kiss GIFT
Hey, head over to obiwanstillness , if you have time, and vote.

The challenge this time was Black and White, with a Splash of Light.


Voting ends at 8:00 pm (PDT) tomorrow night.

*hugs to all*

Hope all is well in your RL and your fantasy life, too.  :D

April's Fool still?
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I think LJ is playing a trick on me. I can't get any of the codes to work, when I was trying to post the winners on Obiwanstillness.

I go into HTML and type up what I want and then enter Rich Text and format the codes in there, then I go back to HTML and usually the codes are there. But, not tonight. OH NO..not tonight. *headdesk a million times over*

If I leave my post in rich text after coding, it just comes up as a bunch of scramble post. Sounds like a breakfast cereal. LOL I needed that laugh.

Hello to everyone. I think I'll go see what's happening with my f-list. That surely will calm me down. *hug to all*

Obidala kiss GIFT
Good morning, my dear friend list! I hope all are doing well!!!

I finally have a few minutes to goof around on the computer, and a good night sleep behind me. Though I'm going to devote my free time, this morning by cleaning my house, today.

Then maybe I'll be able to fit some time in for reading my f-lists, and catching up on all things Star Wars, if all works out well.

I always believe Star Wars makes everything better. ;) Especially when it pertains to Sexy-Wan. :D *la sigh*

Anyway, I thought I would post a reminder vote here. VOTING HERE Voting ends at 8:00 pm (PDT) tonight.

If by chance, you have a few moments to vote, I would greatly appreciate it.

*hugs to all*


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