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Obi-Wan 20in20 entry
Obidala kiss GIFT

Padawan Armed & Dangerous Negative Space Black & White Good Mood
Upside Down Blue AU Poster Crop

5 CATEGORY - Behind The Scenes
#1 #2 #3 #4 #5


#1 #2 #3 #4 #5
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Very interesting ones: I love, as always your texts!:) Like on #good mood;) Very interesting negative space and beautiful blue! Great crop one too:)#4 from behind the scenes is fun:) And I love all of AC, with #3 as a favourite. But they are all beautiful, and so gentle, the #1 one for example!:) And colours on #4:)

I'm slowly doing mine 20;)

Aww thanks for the lovely comments! Yes, they are interesting, but after all.. I'm an interesting person. LOL

You know, the crop one is my favorite one. But, I have no idea how I created it. Well, when I tried to re-create the layers, I had no luck. C'est la vie! ;)

I love them ;) Especially the first one from AC. And the AU one... Well, who would have thought you'd do an Obidala ROFL

Good luck tomorrow, I hope you have a good start!

I haven't done one single icon until now *rollseyes* Perhaps after I have finished organizing my strike on Wednesday...

They were fun to make, but my schedule was becoming hurried, so I had to finish them... no matter what.

When it was getting late at night, I started to get loopy. I made this one too. Though, I wasn't sure if it would go off too well.

Ah yes, it's been awhile since I had to manipulate photos. Always fun... *not really* lol But of course, I had to do an Obidala. ;)

I know you will do well, organizing your strike. There are times, when I think, the USA should have more strikes... :D

I believe you have until July 8th to finish your set. :) You can do it, Katja!! The Force is with you. :D

Wow, that one is funny LOL

yeah, I know that all is going to be good. However, it`s so much work.

He he, still laughing, run Forrest LOL

They are so lovely, Lynda! Snagging AC1 and hope you don't mind :)))Also, I love the light-hearted and warm feeling of your Category set, it made me think how much fun it must have been making all those movies ;)

Oh, I am so slow, I have made only one icon so far, but your example is inspiring! :))

Oh, I'm so glad you thought they were lovely.

Sure, you can take anyone you like. :D

I'm so glad to be done with the challenge, so I can concentrate on school.... and happy to hear that my example is inspiring!

You'd better get cracking on doing your set! LOL (hee, hee)

Thank you! :))

Good luck with your school! :))

Lynda!! These are great! You're utilizing space in such a different way than you used to. Different cropping. Different coloring. Different fonts and text. And it's great! Even some cool textures in there too! You should be very proud of yourself! :D

Wow.. I never replied? I'm so sorry. *headesk* Thanks for your wonderful comments, Rosalie!! :)

Oh and what a pretty icon you're using!! :)

Wonderful icons. You've gotten really good at this. :D

Wow! So nice of you to say so. I'm flattered. :)

Good to see you! :D

I really like the master-padawan one, all the AC choice are neat! Sexy Jedi is cute too.

You're icon is gorgeous!! I love the coloring. :)

Thank you, for the nice compliments. :D

Oh, thanks! the Q/O artist Qor Ynn gave me permission to make it from her illo. It made me very happy!

Nice icons! I love Blue and AC 1 and 4. :)

Oh thank you very much! :D

Nice icons! I love them all!
I'll try my hand at this, but I don't want to enter till I'm like halfway done. the deadline is approaching after all...

Thank you, my old padawan. :)

I'm looking forward to seeing what icons you create.

And I do hope you do enter. I really do! :D

Did you sign-up???

Beautiful icons!! Especially your AC set, it's gorgeous ♥

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