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Sad news
Obidala kiss GIFT
Lily, my parakeet, just passed away. She was the parakeet I saved, from that stupid, idiotic, dumb-shit abuser. She never healed completely, from her wounds; however, she is in a better place, now.

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I'm so sorry for your loss, Lynda. But at least she's at peace, like you said. ((hugs))

Thank you, MJ. *hugs back*

I'll give Lily, a proper burial tomorrow, after school.

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This is sad news... But it's good that she had a better and safe life thanks to you, Lynda.

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i'm sorry to hear that. :(

Oh no, poor little Lily, I'm sorry you lost her. :(

How awful she had a rotten life until you found her, I can't stand animal abuse. :(
Well done for rescuing her. The end of her life was happy, thanks to you. *Hugs*

I am so sorry to hear about Lily. I remember when you rescued her. I'm sure her time with you was the best of her life. At least she's at peace now.


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