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Challenge 132 - Picspam
Obi-Wan and Anakin OTP
My picspam entry to our newest challenge over at Obiwanstillness.

This particular deleted scene happens to be one of my favorites!


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Whooo!!! :))
You already know how much I love your picspam ♥
Now I can go to bed with a happy grin :D

P.S. Hope you received my reply to your email? :)

Aw, thanks Nisa! I was a bit worried, if I was ever going to find the time to post!

I'm glad I could accommodate!

Yes, I received your email. You are a life-safer. :) *hugs tighter than a bear hug*

We had a wonderful turn-out of amazing picspams!! :D

lol, I love that they have their own signals;)

I really like whatever stock image you used to blend the picture with, with the dots and the sweeping. I also like how Anakin's in black and white.

Those signals between the two are just too adorable.

Thanks for the wonderful feedback! :D

Oh, I looooooooooove this one!:) Great idea - and love the coloring too! these two are adorable...:)))


These two are too adorable! (Say that five times

That deleted scene was HILARIOUS! Lol XD I love this!

It sure was hilarious! Thanks! :D

haha so cute! that is a great deleted scene

and i love the colouring you've used :)

Haha it's like Baseball for Jedi!

That deleted scene was hysterical, one of my favorites, and really showed how close they'd become during the war--the secret signals cracked me up. I love anything that shows Obi-Wan's sense of humor. :D I'm also loling at the particular cuts you used, bc the facial expressions on both of them are priceless!

Thanks for the grinny grins just before bedtime, yayayay!

Yes, they are most definitely a close duo. ;)

As soon as this challenge was suggested, I knew exactly what screencaps I wanted to use for my picspam! :D

You're welcome. I'm always happy to oblige. :D :D :D

Heee, the roguish ones strike again! Loved this!

Yes, they do!! LOL

I'm glad you enjoyed the picspam. :D

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